How to Play Blossom Blast Saga for Beginners

In this game, your goal is to help Blossom in clearing the flowerbeds. To do this, you should create a chain reaction of flowers that are blooming. To give you an idea, Blossom is a little bee who is always busy with her garden filled with colorful buds. For each flower, she collects the nectar which empowers her to a magical world.

To grow buds, link three or more of the same color. A chain reaction will happen and this will give you blooming flowers. For every blooming flower, the growth of the flower around has chances of increasing. If the chain shakes, it means that the flower to bloom is a big one. You will get an Awesome Blossom if you clear an entire flowerbed. Remember to watch out for weeds though.

The game has different gaming modes:

1. Scoring mode

Here, you need to get a target score to complete a level. Obtain points by linking together the flowers and creating blooms.

2. Big Bud Mode

Simply pop the Big Buds. These Big Buds have numbers and when they reach 0, they will burst. Decrease these numbers by linking the flowers of the same color into the bud. Another thing you can do is to create blooms right next to the buds. Linking flowers having the same colors as the buds will reduce the number quicker than the second option which is to create blooms.

3. Remove the Weeds

In removing the weeds, link 3 or more flowers after it. The last flower could destroy a weed. These weeds have different levels as well so bigger weeds may need more links.

There are also what are known as boosters and blockers in the game. As of now, there is only one booster which is the shovel. It can remove weeds and flowers and it can break glass. Using the Blossom Blast Saga hacks for more gold bars is the way to go since the cheat tool works as of 2016.

Meanwhile, there are also the blockers. Among them are the following:

1. Weeds

These are every gardeners’ enemy. Create links next to them to get rid of them. Super Blooms and Big Flowers could help you get rid of these quicker.

2. Glass

This may be tricky to eliminate. Shatter this by linking uncovered buds under the glass. The longer this link is, the greater possibility of having a blooming flower which could help the glass be quickly shattered.

3. Moles

They may be cute creatures but they are messy. Catch them as they will cause holes in your garden and lessen your space. Link buds next to them to stop them.

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