How to Earn More Gold Like a Boss

King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga, brings us Blossom Blast Saga which is an equally addictive game. But perhaps, after playing a lot of matches, you still thing that you are not earning that much. We have compiled a few tricks on how to address that concern!

First of all, you should know that there are extra moves you could exchange for gold bars if you fail in a level. Failing for the first time would cost you nine bars for five more moves but for the second time, it would already cost you fifteen bars for five more moves. This includes the shovel powerup, which is a feature that is being added to the latest version of Blossom Blast Saga hack. Powerups in this game are pretty useful. If used at the right moment, they are truly advantageous. Using the shovel to clear one last weed or to break one last greenhouse glass for a flower that is worth it would be truly useful.

But you don’t always have the gold bars and you’ll need more and more each time. In the game, there is no option to watch ads to obtain gold bars. Read carefully to what we have to say about this.

Prioritize looking for the possible flower links that are longest. Linking many flowers would give you better scores and will make blooming last. Chain reactions would also be more likely. Sometimes, you may want to make shorter ones for big buds to pave way for a full bloom.

Also remember that for every level, there is a goal that you need to complete by all means. Your moves are limited so make sure to think before making a move. Ensure that you maximize the strength of your links and always keep your eyes on your objective. Upon reaching your goal, you will have extra splashes of water on the remaining flowers and this would further create blooms which means more bonus points for you!

Lastly, add random players as friends. Send lives to them so you could request from them too. Give and you’ll be given back!

If you’re running out of options on how to earn more gold bars, you could always use downloadable hacks available in the internet. Just make sure that they are legit ones and that they would not just steal your identity. To do this, make sure you research well before downloading.

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